Republic of Women

Be part of a transformative all day summit for outstanding women that celebrates leadership, personal and professional growth, and empowers women to achieve their fullest potential.
Brisbane | 7 February 2024
The Precinct, 315 Brunswick Street #Level 2 Fortitude Valley

Step Up, Step In and Stand Out

Are you ready to take your career and professional journey to the next level?

Join us at the Republic of Women Summit: an empowering and inspiring event designed exclusively for women who aspire to reach new heights in their careers and professional lives. This summit is a celebration of female leadership, a platform for growth, and a gathering of remarkable women from diverse backgrounds and industries.

This summit is open to women from all professional backgrounds, career stages, and industries who are eager to step up, step in, and stand out in their careers. Whether you’re a young professional looking for guidance, a mid-career leader seeking to break through barriers, or a seasoned executive aiming to mentor and inspire others, this event is tailored to meet your needs.

Guest Speakers

Sonia McDonald

CEO and Founder of LeadershipHQ and the Outstanding Leadership Awards, Renowned Author and Leadership Speaker

Lauren Karan

Founder and CEO of Karan & Co, Host of the Building Doors Podcast, SME Talent Partner and Innovative Career Coach

Faith Rees

Founder of SixPivot and Cloud Ctrl. An Innovator, Thought Leader, Advocate and Role Model for the IT industry

Amanda Glenwright

General Manager for Health Services at Youturn and Board Member at Blacktown Youth Services Association (BYSA)

Nicholas King

Senior Facilitator and Trainer in Oracle’s Revenue Enablement department

Paula Holden

Chief People Officer at C&K, Non Executive Director at Orange Sky Australia and Footprints Community

Event Highlights

  • Inspirational Speakers: Featuring renowned guest speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts who have shattered glass ceilings and made significant strides in their careers. These accomplished women will share their personal stories, insights, and strategies for success.
  • Interactive Workshops: Dive deep into the world of leadership with hands-on workshops led by experts. Gain practical skills and knowledge to excel in your field, whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your journey.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded women who are passionate about leadership and professional development. Share experiences, build valuable relationships, and create a supportive network that will propel you forward.
  • Panel Discussions: Engage in thought-provoking conversations during panel discussions on topics such as work-life balance, overcoming challenges, and breaking barriers. Our panels will provide diverse perspectives and actionable advice.
  • Career Advancement Strategies: Learn the strategies and tactics that successful women use to advance their careers. Discover how to navigate the corporate world, negotiate promotions, and achieve your goals.
  • Personal Branding and Confidence Building: Understand the importance of personal branding and how it can help you stand out in your industry. Boost your confidence and leadership presence with expert guidance.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Explore mentorship programs and initiatives that can connect you with experienced mentors who will guide you on your leadership journey.

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