This nomination form allows you to nominate YOURSELF, or SOMEONE ELSE if you know all the information about them.

To nominate, please review the below as the nomination process includes the following questions. If you are submitting a nomination for someone else but cannot complete all of this information, consider using the Nominate Someone form which requires less information about the nominee.

Nominee Details: Email, Full Name, LinkedIn, Title, Company, Company website
Q1: Provide an outline of the positive contribution and impact to their business and/or community the leader or team has made through their work.
Q2: How has the leader or team contributed to embracing and espousing kindness and courage in their work.
Q3: What has the team or leader done to actively make a difference and impact to the business and/or community.
Q4: How has the leader or team demonstrated being inclusive in their business and/or community.
Q5: How has the leader or team supported others in being kind, courageous and inclusive.
Q6: How has the leader or team demonstrated great leadership and why do these awards matter to them?
Reference Details: Min 2 references required, Name, title, company, phone, email, written reference detailing why the nominee is an outstanding leader