Nominate Today for the Outstanding Leadership Awards

The submission will take approximately 20-30 minutes, excluding collating your reference documents.

Please contact the great team at LeadershipHQ at or 1300 719 665 if you have any questions.

Good Luck!

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The Nomination process includes the following questions to help you prepare your submission:

Nominee Details: Email, Full Name, LinkedIn, Title, Company, Company website
Q1: Provide an outline of the positive contribution and impact to their business and/or community the leader or team has made through their work.
Q2: How has the leader or team contributed to embracing and espousing kindness and courage in their work.
Q3: What has the team or leader done to actively make a difference and impact to the business and/or community.
Q4: How has the leader or team demonstrated being inclusive in their business and/or community.
Q5: How has the leader or team supported others in being kind, courageous and inclusive.
Q6: How has the leader or team demonstrated great leadership and why do these awards matter to them?
Reference Details: Min 2 references required, Name, title, company, phone, email, written reference detailing why the nominee is an outstanding leader