How this all works

Want to recognise an outstanding leader in your organisation or community? 

Let us tell you more about the process, make sure they are eligible and the key dates you need for nomination. 

01. Nominate your candidate

October 19, 2020 – March 15, 2021 

To nominate, you will need to answer some key questions about your candidate and provide at least one written reference on behalf of your nominee.  There is a nomination fee of just $50 with 50% going to the Stay Kind Foundation. 

03. Awards night

May 8, 2021 

Join us for an incredible gala event in Brisbane as we announce our winners live and celebrate courageous leaders from across the Australia and New Zealand.  Specific details of the awards night including ticketing will be made available in early 2021.

02. Shortlist Released

April 15, 2021 

If your nominee make the finalists shortlist of 2021 courageous leaders – congratulations!  You’ll be contacted and notified you are proceeding to the judging stage.  Your nominee will need to be available to complete a Courageous Leadership 360 self-assessment or additional interview questions.

04. Publication

May 12, 2021 

The full lists of finalists, award category winners and additional coverage will be published across The Leadership Review, their affiliated network and LeadershipHQ Social media on May 12, 2021.  On this day you will receive your Courageous Leadership 360 + Benchmarking Report and marketing kit. 

05. Am I eligible?

Entry is open to leaders of:

  • Australian/New Zealand based companies 
  • Australian/New Zealand offices of global organisations 
  • Government department and agencies 
  • Not-for-profits 


To qualify you must:

  • Have been employed or in business at your current organisation at least 1 year as at October 16, 2020. 
  • Be able to supply at least two referees to collaborate your nomination. 
  • Celebrate leadership as an individual or team which is courageous and authentic. 
  • Recognise brave leadership from their team members. 
  • Demonstrate daily courageous actions & attitude which contribute to your making a difference. 


Get the ultimate badge of honour for any leader and be recognised for who you are, the contribution you make and your courageous leadership not financial gains. 

Raise your personal brand and be recognised as a leader that organisations want on their team.  Be recognised and benchmarked by a premier leadership organisation as a courageous leader. 

Our 2020 nominees found they: 

  • Raised their profile dramatically 
  • During the process became promoted. 
  • Were recognised an sort after by organisations wanting courageous leaders. 

How will you be assessed?

Find out more about what underpins the judging for these awards. 


Part 1:  Written Submission 

Here your nominee will answer questions related to the behaviours we are focused on – Authenticity, Impact, Inclusive and Courage.  Written referrals will form part of the process – worth 50% of your overall score.

Part 2: Courageous Leadership 360 self-assessment

Here you will answer questions relating to your behaviours as a courageous leader.  This is a self-assessment and must be completed by the nominee and then benchmarked against other nominees.  It is worth 50% of your overall score. 

The assessment is underpinned by the Courage Compass Framework which has been developed by Leadership HQ, it is designed to assess the 4 key factors that are critical to courageous leadership in the workplace. 

Each Judge will score out of ten based on how well the criteria is addressed. Ensure you address the following criteria when answering the questions:  

Authenticity – The leader has acted according to clearly expressed personal values and beliefs. Impact – The leader has created new, innovative ideas and strategies, while not being afraid to question current processes.  

Inclusive – The leader has clearly contributed to developing an organisational culture that values diversity and inclusiveness.  

Courage – The leader has shown leadership courage by being brave in all aspects of their lives. 

Get in touch with us at LeadershipHQ

If you’ve got any outstanding questions that our website hasn’t answer or just need to further clarify any information. If you would love to know more about our 2021 Awards or being a partner, feel free to contact us at these details so we can help make your experience as smooth as possible.