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The clock is ticking. Nominations are now open for the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards. We have a broad range of nominations from the future leader category to team leaders and students who are already embodying leadership qualities right through to top tier CEO. Nominations will close on March 8th — Nominate your leader today.

Welcome to all awards finalists.

We are proud to announce the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards finalists.  They optimise the courageous, kind and inclusive leadership we at LeadershipHQ celebrate everyday. 2021 AWARDS OPEN ON 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020!

Welcome to the Outstanding Leadership Awards

The Outstanding Leadership Awards are the embodiment of a dream that commenced more than 20 years ago when I began working to help organisations and individuals achieve their leadership potential.

As we move into a new decade, we are taking with us a legacy of change. Leadership across the globe has been evolving rapidly over the past three years and Leadership HQ is continuing to be at the forefront of that change. To bring you these awards we are partnering with companies whose culture rewards and fosters kind and courageous leadership.

The Outstanding Leadership Awards are about championing leaders across organisations who make diversity, inclusion and kindness part of their day to day culture.  They are leaders who have courageous conversations and strive to lead by example. They are leaders that make employees happy to come to work each day because they feel valued. Above all, they are the leader whose example others strive to replicate and who are changing the face of leadership.

By demonstrating and rewarding this type of leadership, we are encouraging leaders now and, in the future, to strive to epitomise these values. We welcome all nominations no matter the size or type of the business or organisation. Leadership HQ encourages you to nominate leaders you feel embody these leadership attributes each and every day.

2021 Awards Nominations are now open.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world and reward kind and courageous leadership.

Stay Kind. Stay Courageous…

Sonia McDonald, Managing Director & founder LeadershipHQ


Leadership HQ has been at the forefront of leadership coaching and development across Australia for many years. We have evolved and adapted over the past year separating our online, face-to-face training programs and coaching arm. We now have a team of facilitators who embody our values and beliefs working to build great, courageous and kind leadership. We see Leadership HQ’s role as being one of champion and a pillar of support. We partner with organisations that strive to change the trajectory of leadership on both national and global scales. We shine a spotlight on leaders who demonstrate leadership excellence within the award categories.

Above all, Leadership HQ wants to promote the very essence of what we stand for – great, authentic, kind, and courageous leadership.

Why Enter the Outstanding Leadership awards?

As an organisation by nominating one or more of your leaders in the awards you are branding yourself as an employer of choice. Who doesn’t want to work in an organisation who not only champions kind, courageous and authentic leadership but actually practices it as well? Promote your leaders and advertise your organisations culture by nominating someone today. 
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Who will be our inaugural outstanding leader for 2020? To be awarded by the full judging panel, the outstanding leader will not only epitomise all the key criteria for their nominated category but demonstrate in all aspects of their life that they are a leader of leaders. 
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Preparing for the awards

Ready to nominate someone in your workplace? Nominating a leader is easy and anyone can submit a nomination. We will provide you with key dates and take you through the nominatiom process one step at a time.
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