Outstanding Leadership Awards Terms & Conditions of Entry

We’re delighted you want to participate in the Outstanding Leadership Awards. 

This document is our ‘terms and conditions’, and if you want to participate in the awards program, you’ll need to adhere to a few things that we’ve outlined for you below. 

As with any fair competition, if you don’t comply with these terms, we have the right to disqualify you or declare your entry ineligible, so it’s important to take note of these terms.  

Our privacy statement will apply for your involvement in the Awards. You’ll find a load of information about privacy at Leadership HQ, and our privacy statement here at www.outstandingleadershipawards.com.au. As part of your participation we collect all kinds of information relating to you and your organisation, including your responses to the entry forms which are then used to generate content as well as referral checks and interviews. We may share this information with our related entities, business partners, Sponsors or other third-party service providers engaged to help us with the Awards, and may continue to do so, even after you have participated in the Awards. By participating you consent those with access to your information to use it to administer the Awards, send you marketing, invite you to be part of our initiatives including case studies, surveys and to improve any products and services of ours, our related entities and our Sponsors.   

If you would like to access or correct the personal information that we hold about you, or wish to withdraw your consent to receive Awards material call the Leadership HQ Awards Team on 1800 719 665. One last thing – any reference to ‘you’ or ‘your’ includes you in your personal capacity, as a representative of the business, as well as the business being entered into the Awards.  


Ground rules  

The LeadershipHQ Outstanding Leadership Awards acknowledge the impact of the Globe’s best leaders and teams.

The Judges look for the qualities that all truly outstanding leaders behold: 

  1. A positive contribution and impact to the community and their business or company through their work 
  2. A positive contribution to building high performing teams and supporting colleagues as a leader – enhancement of the organisation’s culture 
  3. Transformational leadership through continuous improvement and innovation 
  4. Demonstration of being courageous and inclusive as a leader 
  5. Supporting other leaders and people in the sector and making a difference 
  6. The Judges consider every detail and each answer is scored out of ten for how well it addresses the criteria 


Let’s get started  

Instructions on how to enter, the Awards categories and the process for judging is set out at  www.outstandingleadershipawards.com.au. These sections also form part of the terms. 

Entries must be submitted before the nomination closing date. You must complete the form and anything you include in your entry form must be true and correct.  


What we expect from you  

You’ll need to make sure that anyone important to your organisation like business owners, founders or officers are available to attend Award events and associated activities. There’ll be the excitement of the State and National events and Gala dinners. 

We also want you to help us or our Sponsors publicise the Awards. When attending any events relating to the Awards, if requested, you or your representative(s) must verbally endorse us or the relevant sponsor for the event. If you’re a finalist or a winner we’ll need the business owners, officers or founders to be available for promotional appearances for us or our Sponsors. We’ll give you at least seven calendar days’ notice of the time, date and location each time you’re required. We’ll also pay any reasonable travel and accommodation expenses of your representative for these appearances. 

You agree that we may use your logo, business identity, details about your business or personal identity in any way in any material which promotes the Awards or the products or services of us or our Sponsors. You agree to allow us and the Sponsors to contact you to provide comments about the Awards and to take photos or video footage of you, your business and your representative, and use any of the material collected as part of your participation. If we do use any of the materials listed above, you grant us a royalty free, perpetual and irrevocable licence to use the materials for promotional purposes.  


Intellectual property  

All intellectual property rights related to the Awards, including the information and data we collect, belong to us or our Sponsors. Don’t worry – you’ll still own any intellectual property rights you already owned prior to entering the Awards. You also assign, including by way of a present assignment, and assignment of all rights that may arise in the future, all intellectual property rights related to any and all materials that arise in relation to your participation in the Awards.  


Who can enter and how do you enter?  

To determine eligibility please head to www.outstandingleadershipawards.com.au


Prizes and Judging  

Outstanding Leadership Awards  

This is a game of skill only. There is no element of chance in determining the winners. For judging criteria and categories please head to www.outstandingleadershipawards.com.au



We reserve the right, at any time, and in our sole discretion to (a) request entrants to provide proof of identity and/or proof of valid entry (b) disqualify any entrant who we have reason to believe has breached any of these conditions or engaged in any unlawful or other improper conduct or any conduct calculated to jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the promotion.  

Entries are accepted at the time of receipt by us. We will not be held liable for any entries not received for any reason during the promotion period.  

If for any reason, we are not able to conduct the promotion as planned, including due to tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, any technical difficulties or any other causes beyond our control, which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this promotion, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to take any action that may be available.  

We exclude all warranties in relation to the quality, suitability or merchantability of a prize, except those that cannot be excluded by law. To the fullest extent permitted by law, any liability of the Promoter or its employees or agents for breach of any rights a consumer may have which are unable to be excluded under Australian & New Zealand Law, is limited to the payment of the costs of having the award supplied again.  

To the extent permitted by law, we are not liable for any loss (including indirect and consequential loss) or damage or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the promotion including the supply of goods or services by any person to the winners, and where applicable to any persons accompanying the winners. We accept no responsibility for any tax liabilities that may arise from winning the award.  


The small print  

To the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for any loss or damage or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the Awards. You will indemnify us and our officers, employees or agents against any loss or liability from any claim or action that arises as a result of a breach of these terms by you, or your use of the materials or information supplied by you under these Terms. You irrevocably and unconditionally consent to all acts being done that would otherwise breach your Moral Rights. 

Our Privacy Commitment

Privacy matters to us and we know it matters to you.  

We provide a wide range of products and services and to do this we need to collect, store, use and disclose a broad range of information.  

We are committed to protecting your privacy, keeping your information safe and ensuring the security of your data. 


Our Privacy Statement 

Our Privacy Statement explains how we collect, use and protect your information.  It applies to all the businesses in the Leadership HQ Group including Leadership HQ Corporation Limited.  It extends to both our control and processing of personal information. It also incorporates our Credit Reporting Policy which lets you know how we use any credit related information we might collect. 

This current policy came into effect at 1 August 2019.  We may need to update it over time but if we do, we will post the updated version on our website.  

What information do we collect? 

The types of information we collect depends on how you use our products and services as well as the relationship we have with you as a customer. 

This can include straightforward information like your name, date of birth, contact details (including address, email address, phone number or mobile telephone number), occupation, username or password and financial information (such as credit card or bank account numbers). 

We may also collect more in-depth information including: 

  • Employment Information about you work including details about your job performance including information about how you use your leadership position and or skills. 

Sensitive information includes information about a person’s race, ethnic origin, political opinions, health, religious or philosophical beliefs and criminal history.  We may collect some forms of sensitive information such as philosophical beliefs as part of the nomination process. We are subject to strict requirements in relation to sensitive information including to only collect and use sensitive information with consent or otherwise in accordance with applicable law such as the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. 

You might also need to provide personal information about other individuals to us (e.g. about your authorised referees).  If so, we rely on you to have informed those individuals that you are giving their personal information to us and to have advised them about this statement. 

It is important to be aware that if you access another party’s website or application using one of our products, that other party will deal with your personal information in accordance with its own privacy policy. 


How do we collect your information? 

There are three ways that we can collect your information. 

  1. You give it to us when you or your representative interacts with either us or one of our trusted partners.  This might happen when you are creating a nomination with us or using one of our products or services. 
  2. We collect information when you use our website, products and services including award nominations and any online services.  For example, we may use cookies and other technologies to identify your unique web browser. 
  3. We obtain information from outside sources like marketing mailing lists, and public information, (including public posts to social networking sites) and commercially available personal, identity, geographic and demographic information.  This can also include information gained from our partner businesses McDonald Inc and Sonia McDonald if you have interacted with them.   


How do we keep your information? 

We may store your information in hard copy or electronic format, and keep it in storage facilities that we own and operate ourselves.  

We use a combination of technical solutions, security controls and internal processes to help us protect your information and our network from unauthorised access and disclosure. 

We endeavour to ensure that personal information is kept as current as possible and that irrelevant or excessive data is deleted or made anonymous as soon as reasonably practicable. However, some personal information may be retained for varying time periods in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations and for other legitimate business reasons. 


How do we use your information? 

We will only use your information if we have a lawful reason to do so such as when it’s our legal duty or we have your consent and when it’s in our legitimate interest to do so. These include: 

Administration – To help us properly manage the products and services we provide to you and to maintain and update our records.   

Communication – We need to be able to communicate with you in order to provide you with our products and services.  We might do this on mediums such as email, SMS, social media, search engines and web pages you may visit. 

Improvement – We are constantly working to not only maintain and improve our products, services and processes but to develop new ones.  We use information we hold to help us do this in a number of ways. For example, surveys to gather data for this process. 

Direct marketing – We want to make sure that you know about all our products, services and special offers that are relevant and are of interest to you.  We may use the information we hold to market and promote them directly to you.  In some cases this marketing activity can continue after you have stopped using our products or services, unless you opt-out.   


When do we share your information? 

We may share your information with other parties who provide services to us, including organisations, agents, partners and contractors that assist us with providing our business processes and products and services.  These services include: 

  • providing, managing or administering your product or service including customer enquiries and support services 
  • mailing operations, billing and debt-recovery functions 
  • information technology and network services 
  • market research, marketing, telemarketing and door-knocking services 
  • development, analysis and business intelligence functions. 

We may also disclose your information to: 

  • your authorised representatives or advisers 
  • other parties who assist us in managing or developing our business and corporate strategies and functions, including our corporate risk or funding functions 

Where we do this, we require these parties to take appropriate measures to protect that information and to restrict how they can use that information. 


How can you make a privacy complaint? 

You can also use our contact details to notify us of any privacy complaint you have against us.  We are committed to acknowledging your complaint in a prompt manner and will give you an estimated timeframe for when we will respond to your complaint. 

How can you contact us? 

If you have any questions in relation to this Privacy Statement, our management of your information or you would like a copy of this statement sent to you, please email us on hello@leadershiphq.com.au 

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