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Welcome to all awards finalists.

We are proud to announce the 2022 Outstanding Leadership Awards finalists. They opitimise the courageous, kind and inclusive leadership we at LeadershipHQ celebrate everyday.

  • All
  • CEO / MD - Large Corporation
  • CEO / MD - Medium Corporation
  • Community Leader
  • Courageous Leader
  • Courageous Team
  • Entrepreneur / Start Up Leader
  • Executive / Team Leader - Large Corp
  • Executive / Team Leader - Medium Corp
  • Future Leader
  • Indigenous Leader
  • Public Sector Leader
  • SME Business Leader
  • Student Leader
  • Women in Construction
  • Women in STEM

Why Enter the Outstanding Leadership awards?

As an organisation by nominating one or more of your leaders in the awards you are branding yourself as an employer of choice. Who doesn’t want to work in an organisation who not only champions kind, courageous and authentic leadership but actually practices it as well? Promote your leaders and advertise your organisations culture by nominating someone. 2022 nominations now closed, 2023 dates announced soon.
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